Spacewalk 27 - Space Rock from another galaxy. Live instruments bringing sound to your ears.
No electronic sampling, no pre made drum beats, no computers. Electronic music in an all human form. You've never heard anything like this on Earth before.

2020 has seen the release of 2 new original songs and one cover. 

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SLeuX Pronounced ( S-L-E-W )

Catchy riffs and melodies over slamming back beats create a sound and a band way different from anything out in the music world today. NeverImage Entertainment issued the first SLeuX (self titled) full length album on March 27, 2012. 

On March 10, 2015 NeverImage Entertainment released the SLeuX's Instrumental single  Hesitation.

SLeuX is currently in the studio working and have released

new original songs and some covers.

More SLeuX news, Pics and Videos can be found at WWW.SLeuX.Net

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